Energized by Quality, Driven by Integrity.

We are coffee lovers. We love having a delicious, fresh and consistent quality cup of coffee.

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About Us

Bui Coffee Roasters
Energized by Quality, Driven by Integrity

Bui Coffee Roasters found by Dien Bui, a Vietnamese American. Dien is a Specialty Coffee Association of America certified roaster. He wants to apply his chemistry knowledge, 20 years of experience in quality management and American trained roasting techniques to coffee roasting in Vietnam. His main goal is to help you get you the most flavorful, fresh and delicious coffee with consistent quality.

We are coffee lovers.  We love having a delicious, fresh and consistent quality cup of coffee.

Unlike cooking foods or baking pies, there is no family secret formula or recipe on roasting coffee that could be passed on from previous generations.  The reason is that coffee is one of the most complex food known to men.  Current scientific publishcations show that coffee has about 1000 different chemical compounds and more being didscovered  This is far more than wine, which  has about 150 compounds and chocolate having about 350 compounds.

To make it more interesting is that there is no right or wrong way to roast coffee.  There is no international standards on how quality should be and taste like.   Therefore, each of us have our own personal preference on coffee tastes.

Regardless of personal preferences on coffee tastes, we all want delicious, fresh and consistent quality coffee in the end. To achieve consistent quality on roasting coffee, a roaster has to have a solid understanding of coffee chemistry, heat transfer and how to apply the heat on the green coffee beans in roasting.  In addition, the roaster must have a quality control system in place to collect and to analyze the data to achieve certain desired roast levels.  Bui Coffee Roasters want to apply this scientific approach to roasting coffee.

– Perspective of Founder